Perfection – enemy of progress

Forward-leaning people to have a vision of how we want things to go. We want the optimal marketing plan, the perfect book launch, the impeccably consistent communication campaigns. If we do these things exactly, with absolute correctness, we are sure to net the fortunes that are crowed about […]

Fallen Photographers, Redeeming Light

I am the photographer who took this photo. I had returned from Afghanistan several months prior, and was most comfortable alone. I simply did not have words, so I did what I did best – I took photos. For this one, I was balanced on a kitchen stool […]

Behind the Scenes: Cover Art

I gave away my professional camera gear a few years back, and haven’t done a formal project since then. The lenses smelled too much like Afghanistan, and divorce, and hard stuff. This morning there is a camera in my hands and I’m putting together a set to photograph […]

Keep it simple – climb.

I took this photo of Denali, in interior Alaska, from a tent on a snowy October day years ago. It was supposed to be a moose hunt; for me, it was an adventure with a camera. That mountain, and others like it, inspire quiet and calm in me. […]

About this horse

  There is something about this horse. This horse gives and takes, breathes in and out, controls and lets go. This horse makes you beg her to help you, because sometimes you need it. This horse makes you grin when she does, because sometimes you need it. There […]