Keep it simple – climb.

Mountain ClimbI took this photo of Denali, in interior Alaska, from a tent on a snowy October day years ago. It was supposed to be a moose hunt; for me, it was an adventure with a camera.

That mountain, and others like it, inspire quiet and calm in me. They force the kind of silence that comes before something mighty. They inspire awe, and not in the modern way of hashtags and misspellings. This awe lives in your bones.

In that quiet is simplicity. We need it, I think, when confronting challenges that overwhelm, sap our strength, or cause us to feel hopeless. In the quiet we remember that simple solutions are often the most effective. In the quiet we regain the strength to march. In the quiet we remember that overwhelm is a matter of perspective, and our perspective is so very small.

Keep it simple. Just climb.

He did not bring you here, only to forsake you.

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