Fallen Photographers, Redeeming Light

Sunflower in the dark

I am the photographer who took this photo. I had returned from Afghanistan several months prior, and was most comfortable alone. I simply did not have words, so I did what I did best – I took photos.

For this one, I was balanced on a kitchen stool in my tiny downtown apartment. I duct taped the curtains shut to get it completely dark, and clicked dozens of photos that were blurred as I wobbled on the stool. Even then, the slapstick irony of putting sunflowers in the dark made me smile.

Here’s the thing, though, about sunflowers… with even the smallest amount of light, they burst forth into this glory that cannot be denied. Be as this flower. Bask in the light. Open to it. Rest in it. Seek it. Ask for it. You will not be denied.