Perfection – enemy of progress

Forward-leaning people to have a vision of how we want things to go. We want the optimal marketing plan, the perfect book launch, the impeccably consistent communication campaigns. If we do these things exactly, with absolute correctness, we are sure to net the fortunes that are crowed about by the self-proclaimed stars of YouTube, right? Right?

I’m not sure about the YouTube bit, but this I know – if God wants to get something into the world through you, let it out. Don’t worry about the editorial calendar, optimization, your vision, or your expectations. Just get it out.

Sure, we should all strive to do better, always. Better planning does generally lead to enhanced performance. I was taught something in the military, however, that I chant to myself on a near-daily basis: perfection is the enemy of progress.

Perfection, the enemy of progress…. and so it is.

Let it out. Abandon control; you never had it, anyway. Your creative work belongs to God. Let it into the world, and glory in giving it to Him. Delight in the process, and delight in Him.

P.S. Here are several photos that made it onto the Facebook (@beforeyounow) and Instagram (@beforeyounow) accounts, but were lagging on the website. In the spirit of this conversation, I’m going to throw them all up now, completely imperfectly, and hope you smile with me.